Ten Second Life shopping annoyances

10. The person who decides to annoy everyone in range. Two especially bad examples I’ve witnessed: using voice chat to harass with obscene language; and slex in the middle of a store in a PG rated sim.
9. Stores with so much fancy architecture/interior design that the sim takes forever to rez.
8. Robo-greeters, especially those who are annoying, distracting, or in the way.
7. Not being able to find a promotion that’s supposedly in-store.
6. Having to wait a long time for a lucky chair to rez.
5. Overly-hidden hunt items (SteamPunk Hunt was especially tricky).
4. Inaccurate item pictures/items not as “advertised”
3. Hard-to-find outlet/clearance sections.
2. Finding out that the great store you’re visiting for the first time is extremely pricey.
1. Two dreaded words: sim lag.


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