The Best of Ongoing Freebies #1: Weatherbys

Offline, most of us ladies of a certain age (oh, let’s just say over 30) typically know where to buy “respectable” clothes. The sort of clothes the would be appropriate for the workplace when “business casual attire” is defined a little more narrowly. Not daring edge-of-fashion attire, but moderately priced clothing with a bit of color and flair. Stores like JC Penney, Kohls, New York & Company, and Macys…and catalogs like Chadwicks, come to mind.

In Second Life, Weatherbys offers this type of fashion. Located on the 5th Ave. sim, Weatherbys focuses on colorful dresses. Most are business-appropriate attire, with a few formals and clubwear-style dresses thrown in. In other words, while some of the hemlines may be higher than IRL…and some of the necklines a little lower…it’s still more conservative than most everyday SL attire.

Weatherbys has an interesting marketing angle, and one that helps the newbie and the Linden-challenged build their SL wardrobe. Every day Weatherbys offers a different free dress to members of their group (free to join). Coordinating shoes and other accessories usually run in the $L20 range, which is a great deal. Similar dresses or alternate skirts for the daily freebie dress are offered at a special price. Dresses for the last week posted up on the big wall, although the item is only free for the one day of the offer.

If you even remotely think you’ll want some of Weatherbys’ style of clothing in your SL inventory, it’s well worth it to join their group (you can do so at the store).

While you’re at Weatherbys, be sure to check out the rest of the store…there’s more clothing, shoes and jewelry, much of it reasonably priced.

Weatherbys at the 5th Ave sim (SLURL to come).


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