Best of Ongoing Freebies #2: G&N Quality Design

UPDATED: So…I put this post up, and then I realize, G&N has a new freebie of the week! See more below!

G&N Quality Design is next on my list of places to check for regularly released promotional freebies. G&N’s style is a touch more youthful and edgier than Weatherbys, but still in the area of items an adult woman might wear in RL. Also, G&N offers more pant outfits and separates in addition to dresses and formals.

Each week, G&N releases a freebie preview outfit. Here’s this week’s outfit, with boots, stockings and belt included!

Last week was ~Rosa~, with high waist pants* and a purple short sleeve top which can be worn tucked-in or not. The details on this outfit are very nice, from the cutwork in the front of the top to the buttons on the pants.

To find the weekly preview outfit, walk through G&N’s front entrance, take the aisle on the right most of the way towards the back of the store, and turn to the right. The weekly preview should be on a large circular display just a short distance from where you are standing. You may have to wait a little for it to rez.

*IMO, every grown-up female avatar in SL should have at least one pair of high waist pants (which are not that easy to find in SL shops) in their inventory. Why? Because depending on which shape your avatar is using, typical SL pants may end up showing a crack in back. And many SL tops don’t go any longer than waist-length.

Teleport to G&N Quality Design


2 responses to “Best of Ongoing Freebies #2: G&N Quality Design

  1. G&N Quality Design

    Hi Horatia,
    only now I found your Blog and this kind blog entry.
    Thanks for that and keep up the good work.
    We will add your blog to our blogrole too.

    Best regards
    Georg Stonewall

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