Easter weekend highs and lows

Well, I got into the Pose Fair both Friday and Saturday, and I am happy (as a user/shopper) to report that the lag wasn’t nearly as bad as the Accessory Fair. I picked up some great poses from $0L to $50L and can’t wait to try them.

There were lots of freebies and hunts and other promotions this weekend, and I have some great new stuff. In addition, I’ve made some real progress on my Linden Home and am ALMOST ready to put up a new article about low-prim furnishings (hopefully this week).

On the bad side…I started getting errors this weekend when trying to teleport to certain stores. The first was Lemania, so I missed all their promotions this weekend. When attempting to teleport, I got the following error:

Sometimes I’ve gotten this error when a sim is down, but I kept seeing notices from Lemania, so I suspected that wasn’t the case. So I went into chat on the SL Divine Divas group, just to make sure that I had the current landmark and not an old one (Lemania updated their store last week, I think). Sure enough, the landmark I had was correct, and others were able to teleport.

I just put it all in the back of my mind, since it was only one store. But then it happened with another store, in a different region. With the second store, I tried teleporting to an area close to the store’s region and flying in. And then I got a different error when I attempted to land…an error saying age verification was needed.

Well, I’d done the age verification thing a long time ago, my preferences were set to allow me in all age levels of regions, and as a premium user, my payment info is on file. So I should not be having problems teleporting to an adult region.

So…I can’t get on live chat right now for premium support, but I’ve started a post at the Second Life Questions blog on this issue, hoping someone can help me figure out what is going on.


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