Last weekend’s goodies

So many goodies from Easter Weekend, and here are just a few…

Pose: Sunflower Poses – Not Very Romantic (
Outfit: Paddy’s Ne me quitte pas Blue, short version (last week $60L Weekend special – includes necklace, gloves and tights)
Shoes: $10L Red Shoe Wedge Black Sling-Back from
Hair: ChiChickie Marylin – Dark Auburn

Pose: Sunflower Poses – In Two Minds (Pose Fair)
Hair: JE*Republic Tina
Outfit: D-Designs Casual (last week $60L Weekend)


Pose: Sunflower Poses – Look at Me (Pose Fair)
Sweater/tunic: Euclid Long Sweater (*Tic Tac Toe* Opening gift)
Hair: kik Cynthia (*Tic Tac Toe* Opening Gift)


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