Looking forward to the weekend!

No pictures right now, just a quick update.

I can’t wait to get into The Dressing Room, where some of SL’s best known fashion designers are showcasing promotional items for a low price! I’ve heard the selection is going to be changing every other week, so I’ll continue to check back and see what’s available.

The 2010 Home, Garden, & Patio Expo starts this Saturday, and I’m excited about being able to shop so many of SL’s top home furnishing brands in one place. If you’re going, be sure to wear simple, low prim clothing, shoes and hair, to help keep the lag time down for everyone. This event is also a fundraiser for Rally for Life. Here’s a link to the Expo’s web site for more information.

Finally, I seem to have gotten on track with furnishing my Linden Home. I’ll likely post another long Odyssey post at some point, but in a nutshell: I’ve decided to go Shabby Chic.

Earlier this week I had a full kitchen in the home, and I do have a low cost recommendation if you want to have a fairly realistic contemporary kitchen – the kitchen construction sets by Forever01 Himmel on XStreetSL.com (here’s a link to one of them). These sets are only $5L, and when you unlink the set, most individual pieces are only 1 prim each. You can then put together the kitchen as you’d like in order to fit your space. There is no refrigerator included in the set but those are easy to come by on XStreetSL.com.

Once I got the entire kitchen in place, I realized that with everything I had in the house at the time, I was really close to maxing out the available prims. That’s when I tore everything out and started working again, this time attempting to really push into the Shabby Chic style. I don’t know whether or not I’ll be adding a kitchen back in…after all, it’s not really important to have one; having one only makes a Linden Home appear more “realistic.”

My absolute favorite furniture designs in this style come from True Love Never Dies (TNLD). They have a small store at the Albero Home and Garden sim, and a mainstore here. I went ahead and spent my $200L on that 5 prim DayDream bed, because there are so few really nice beds available in the under 7 prim range. Most of the occasional tables are only $50L – I picked up a bedside table and a kitchen table I’m using as a desk. I plan to get some occasional tables for my living room area as well.


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