The weekend’s best and worst

This weekend’s good:
The rooftop sale at Juicy Mirabella
One word would make it all worthwile, if there was nothing else.
GaNKeD – Three special jewelry sets for $10L and one freebie.
The rest is icing on the cake.

Singing in the Rain Hunt at Lemania Indigo Designs
(already blogged about it here)

[LeeZu!] and the beautiful Femme Fatal Flexi Dress

(already blogged about it here)

…and one absolutely beautiful surprise which I hope to blog about soon!

This weekend’s disappointment:
Home Garden & Patio Expo – for 8 sims, I expected more…more promotions and specials on home furnishings. And since these kind of stores tend to be big, it was hard finding the stores I was looking for. There’s lots of home designers here as well, and as a Linden homeowner, I wasn’t interested in purchasing a home…just furnishing the one I had. An in-world program book was pretty much a useless gimmick. The teleport boards were a much better idea, but they weren’t working when I tried them. Bottom line: if you’re looking to purchase a home to place on land, you’ll get ideas. If you’re looking for furniture, plants, and other furnishings, and cost is not an issue, you will likely find ideas but you’ll need to cover a lot of ground in order to find them. Unless things change, I don’t think bargain hunters will find much here.


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