This might be the best dress…

This just might be the most beautiful dress I’ve bought so far in SL.

Susy Barthelmess over at blogged about this dress in a long post this last Friday, and I put the location on my list of places to check.

When I teleported to LeeZu, I couldn’t believe the shop. The display of the dresses on the racks was beautiful. I don’t know how it was done, but instead of flat items on hangers, these were beautiful and appeared to be 3 dimensional. It was almost like walking into a real life dollhouse.

This dress is a limited offer at $50L and IMO well worth many times more Linden. It’s available in two colors, earth and sky. I’ve included pictures of both below. Yep, I so loved the first one that I bought the second as well, something I would not normally do with a dress costing $50L or higher. To really appreciate the detail of this dress, you do have to see it live, on someone…hopefully YOU!

[LeeZu!] Femme Fatal Flexi Dress in earth and sky colors.


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