Baby Monkey Marvels…

Based on a tip from another blog, one of my shopping trips last night was to Baby Monkey. I decided on the spur of the moment to join the store group, and wow, I’m sure glad I did. SL only gives us limited group numbers so often we have to make difficult decisions as to which to keep and which to leave. I think I’ll be staying with Baby Monkey’s group for a while.

You see, I love shoes. In RL, as I’ve moved into middle age, I’ve had to be more “sensible” about my shoe choices. Frankly, that sort of…sucks. I can’t just go out and buy the most current style, but by careful shopping, I’ve found some brands that make shoes that are both comfortable and stylish. Finding them at affordable prices is more challenging.

So when it comes to Second Life, I’m glad that I’m not bound by those limitations. I can go tromping around in the mud in stilettos, if I wish! And…affordable? Well, take a look at these styles that I bought last night, at the Baby Monkey group price of $10L a pair (the Studded Flats in green may even have been a free gift, not sure).

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SLURL for Baby Monkey


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