All you zombies…

I’ve been doing the Zombie Popcorn Hunt this weekend. While I’m not going to show ONLY items from the hunt, I will integrate those items with some other recent finds. I’ve already gotten compliments on the outfit below. The hair/hat combo is from the hunt; the dress is part of a 5-pack for $60L weekends and the skin is a freebie. While only one item is from the hunt, I think this outfit fits in quite well..

Hair: [Posh] Zombielicious in Scarlet (Zombie Popcorn Hunt)
Dress: Has Been – Lola ($60L Weekend, part of a 5-pack)
Skin: Cupcakes Seduction Alabaster Smokey (free)

Exile also has hair out for the Zombie Popcorn Hunt, a double prize with a female style and a male style. The female style is blond and pretty; not really my style as I tend to stick with the reds, auburns and browns. So I tried on the guy’s style just for fun, and paired it with another $60L Weekend dress, this time from Envied, a store that’s new for me. The dress comes with the floral choker and is available in three colors. I love the rich tones but there is a little pixel “trash” down past the hemline that IMO should have been cleaned up. Still, it’s a really pretty dress for $60L

Dress: Envied Karma Baby Doll and Choker in Fate ($60L Weekend)
Hair: Exile Zack/Darkfyre (Zombie Popcorn Hunt)


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