In the garden

Lemania Indigo is one of those stores in SL that’s either hot or cold for me. Hot is the feminine styling and retro flair they put into their outfits. What sometimes turns me off personally is when they cross too far into gimmicks. It becomes too much of a costume, and as Tim Gunn often reminds designers on Project Runway, that isn’t usually a good thing. It’s just a personal taste thing…like the point I realized I wasn’t likely to wear many of the formals I had picked up in SL, so why was I continuing to buy so many?

On the other hand, I give Lemania Indigo a lot of credit for being very good to their customers and SL shoppers in general. They actively participate in a lot of hunts, even hosting their own hunts, such as the recent Singing in the Rain. They can be counted on to have multiple reasonably priced ($60L to $100L) promotions every week.

This outfit (the hat comes with the dress) was a recent Midnight Mania board prize, and I’m really tickled with the soft feminine look. I don’t know if it’s very practical for working in the garden, but it certainly says “nature” and “spring” to me.

Dress and Hat – Lemania Indigo In the Garden (MM board)
Exile Susan Auburn Hair (free at Savior Hair)
TikTok Rene Skin Group Gift


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