What they say about blondes…

I’ve never really gotten into blond hair in SL. My own hair color in RL has never been lighter than medium auburn, and unlike other aspects of my RL appearance, I’ve come to be very satisfied with color close to my natural hair. It’s not surprising given my style preferences in SL that I’d gravitate towards darker, richer hair color. But sometimes a girl just needs a bit of a change. And this gift bag outfit from Phoenix Rising was just crying out for a vintage blond style. The Ingenue Myra Dark Ash Hair free at Savior Hair really fit the bill! I just need one of those long, black cigarette holders (I wouldn’t SMOKE in even in SL, just would hold it for atmosphere) and in this outfit, I’d be ready for some small, smoke-filled jazz club.

Flirt Dress – Phoenix Rising at ICON gift bag
Ingenue Myra Dark Ash Hair (free at Savior Hair)
TikTok Rene Skin Group Gift – tip: join this group, it’s free, and there are a bunch of free skins available for group members


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