Announcing 117Prims, a new SL home furnishings blog

Today I’m officially announcing 117Prims, a blog about SL virtual  home furnishings, with a specific focus on low prim items that will fit well in a Linden Home or other limited-prim settings.

Why choose 117Prims as a title? Because that’s the number of prims allowed for  a Linden home owner to use in furnishing their homes. As others have blogged, a 117 prim limit can be challenging when attempting to furnish an entire house (even a small one).

My first series features a tour of SL stores focusing on shabby chic style furnishings. I’m already planning another series focusing on modern style furnishings, and may consider doing a retro series and a Victorian series as well. In addition, I’ll be showing you layouts from my Linden Home where I’ve implemented some of my finds. I hope to showcase other people’s creative ideas as well.

Please join me as I explore the universe of SL home furnishings. If you have a store that you’d like to see featured on the blog, or have implemented some creative furnishing ideas  in your home that you’d like to share, please contact me (Horatia Abonwood) in world.


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