In a crazy, mixed up (SL) world…

…it’s nice to find pretty, feminine dresses for free.

Yeah, I had problems logging in this morning, so I apologize in advance because these pictures are going to be darker then usual. I really wanted to blog about these dresses, so I ran to an internet cafe at lunchtime and snapped these pictures from my laptop. Well, I didn’t have my customized lighting settings on the laptop, and rather than spend another 15 minutes putting in on the laptop, I just set the lighting to midday. In addition, I recently moved to a different Linden Home and in the process, lost my customizable pose stand (I still have my poses, just not the stand). Sometimes you don’t know what you’ve got till it’s gone. The stand I lost was really flexible and lifted the model a nice distance above the stand. The first one I pulled out to try today didn’t lift the model, and wouldn’t disappear, so my avi’s feet were sunk into the stand. Bummer.

So, on to the dresses.

This sweet little number was a Weatherbys freebie dress from one day last week. I loved this dress so much that I hopped around in it for a couple of days.

Dress: Weatherbys #312 BarbaraJane

The dress below is another freebie from the Urban Shopper 3rd Birthday Celebration last weekend. I love the lace detail on this dress. The back is beautiful as well; it goes into a long v with the lace edging.

Dress: Impossible – Lena

The third dress is another Weatherbys freebie dress, this time from earlier this week.

A little longer than the first dress above – this one’s about knee length. The detail on the bodice and the waistband is really cute!

Dress: Weatherbys #394 – Mrs. Lupin

The hair featured here is the same one I featured in the PixelDolls post, the Amacci Hair Adena in Brown Sable. All shades of Adena were available as a free gift for the opening of the Hair Only sim.

Poses used above are from Long Awkward Poses and No Strings Attached. Skin is Mango Mango Blood Lust Pale, featured in this past Wednesday’s Hump Day Madness promotion (and despite the name, you can see that it’s not necessarily a “vampire” skin, it’s really quite pretty for general purpose use).


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