In the garden

Pose: EB Prims and Poses Gift 2010 #16 – Inspired Series 1
Hair: Posh: The Affair – Chestnut
Dress: Sari’s Millefeullie Dress
Skin: LuAll Designs Summer Dream Nude (on special this week)

Hair: Dark Mouse: Alex in Black Raspberry (free!!)
Dress: Kawaii Loose Summer Dress in Green Floral
Skin: Strumpet Goodbye Norma Jean (from last week’s Project Themory)
Pose: exposur Chloe

Photographed at the Gardens of Absentia

Credit goes to Lizzie Lexington at What A Betty! for posting another item from Sari’s today which reminded me how cool of a store it is, and inspired me to go look and see what was new there! And, credit to Kawaiinicole at Kawaii Second Life for bringing to the blogosphere’s attention the great loose summer dresses at Kawaii and the LuAll skin.


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