Weekend goodness

The freebies and promotions were abundantly available this weekend on Second Life, with many Mother’s Day freebies, The Deck first anniversary event, and a new hunt that started Saturday at Lemania Indigo’s sim.

(Updated) I switched to Kirsten’s S20 viewer this weekend and am so thrilled with how it’s working. I think the screen shots are much better than with the SL 2.0 viewer, although S20 does have a nagging tendency to turn one’s avatar to a glob of smoke after a crash (at least on the Mac). I occasionally still have rezzing problems with different pieces (as you can see in the first picture below) so I’m still working on tweaking the settings.

While I loved what I found at The Deck, and was definitely rewarded for my time and patience (I only got on to the sim late Saturday night, and the lag was awful), I’m gong to avoid featuring the clothing because there are tons of posts elsewhere about them. I will, however, be using some of the skins and poses.

I saw the hair below for 50 Linden Fridays, and it immediately brought to mind a 1970’s TV series from the UK called “U.F.O.” (although the characters in the series that wore a similar hairstyle had blue hair). Here’s a link to the Wikipedia entry on the series, if you’re curious.

So…below is my U.F.O.-inspired outfit. I really love the Callie Cline Glitter Dress, which is unusual for me because I really avoid the system skirts. I had to adjust the always-dreaded center insert slightly for my avatar, but it was just a quick edit to move it a little higher. Yes, it’s still not rezzing as well as I’d like, but at least it’s no where near as obvious a mismatch as many are! Don’t you just love the silver boots? They practically scream 1970’s sci-fi. They’re available on XStreetSL.com (gold available as well).

Skin: YS & YS Barbara TDR SummerTime
Update: This was not a free Anniversary Gift at The Deck as I reported earlier…it was the name that threw me off! This skin is $70L at The Dressing Room. Thanks to Ann for pointing that out.

Boots: GuTI EXTRAVAGANT Overknee Boots Silver from XStreetSL.com
Callie Cline Glitter Dress (Dollarbie)
Hair: Lamb The Glow Deux – Kit Kat (50L Friday)
Jewelry: AI Jewels – Haeru Gray Perls Necklace and Earings

This second outfit also has a 1970’s influence. The Sylvia dress from Seldom Blue looks like a bright 1970’s swimsuit or leotard with a tulle skirt added.

Skin: Tuli Sayuri Tone 1- The Deck Anniversary Limited Edition
Dress: Seldom Blue Sylvia ($1L)
Hair: Shag – Nymph (Project Themeory)
Shoes: – Cay Crystal Design Basic Sandals Turquoise ($10L)

When Has Been participates in 60 Linden Weekends, their item tends to include more than one outfit. This time around it’s a springtime sampler with four outfits. Featured above is one of the four in the package – the April Dress in Aqua.

Skin: Tuli Sayuri Tone 1- The Deck Anniversary Limited Edition
Dress: Has Been April Dress (part of the Spring Sample Collection, $60L weekend)
Scarf and Shoes: Spring Fling, from Callie Cline (Just for the Girls Hunt)
Hair: KC Jeannette

Poses by NSA, RibboN, Body Language


2 responses to “Weekend goodness

  1. The YS & YS Barbara TDR SummerTime is not a Deck gift, it’s 70L at the Dressing Room.

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