Still opening gifts!

I’m still overloaded with going through all the weekend goodies. My inventory is also overflowing, so last night I focused on going through one of my folders – the goth clothing folder – and removing anything that was either 1) really poorly made stuff that I got those first few days in SL, or 2) stuff much too extreme for me to wear (way into little-girl Loli goth, etc.). Between the folder discards and the existing items in trash, I got rid of 2000 items last night, but I’m still up around 28,000 in inventory.

Here is a dress from yesterday, and one from this weekend.

Dress: Lemania Indigo Happy Mommy’s Day Gift Dress (includes shoes)
Skin: Cupcakes Seduction Alabaster – Sultry Skin (not new)
Hair: Dark Mouse Alix in Black Raspberry
Pose by au Soliel (from inventory)
Dress: #407 Weatherby’s Franny Dress in Purple (Monday Group Gift Dress)
Boots: GField Short Lace Up Boots in Lavender (promotion a couple of weeks ago)
Necklace: GaNKeD Darkcircle Necklace in Violet (from inventory)
Hair: Pocket Mirrors Carla Wavy Strawberry (Mother’s Day Gift)
Skin: Dutch Touch isiS Cotton Liner Red skin (Free for VIP Group Members).

Pose: not sure, but I think this was one of the Vogue poses from NSA (free gift at The Deck last weekend).


2 responses to “Still opening gifts!

  1. i like this photo
    is good!

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