In a dark mood

For some reason, I’m already to the point of ditching the sweet pastels. Maybe it’s the weather here in my real life location, which is pretty gloomy. Maybe it’s just wanting something different after a few weeks of indulging in spring. Maybe it’s simply my mood, which Second Life hasn’t helped in the last few days. I’ve teleported back to my Linden Home in order to sort and model new purchases, but everything has been stuck on major lag. That Leezu 10,000 Member Group Gift so many bloggers are gushing over? I sure would like to see it on my avatar…but after letting things sit for an hour, it was still a bunch of big grey blobs. Logged out, logged back in again, same thing. However, that does give me a chance to catch up with other outfits here on the blog.

Above: this was RFye’s entry for HumpDay this week. It’s called a Ringmaster Outfit but personally, I think it looks a lot like a riding habit. A goth riding habit, I guess. The texture in this outfit is fantastic! I paired it with the Xaida Cecilie B Black Skin (on special now for $10L) and the Shag Nymph Hair Dark Copper (Project Themeory last week). I want to thank SL Chic Critique for blogging about the skins.

Above: This bright red satin dress from Paris Metro is a $1L promotion, with the detail one would typically find in a much more expensive dress. The hat and gloves are included. The hair is Pocket Mirrors Carla Wavy Strawberry (already featured, I think it was $50L Friday last week). And the skin is another one of Xaida’s $10L promotions, Filippa Clear Pure.

The outfit below might be the only one I got to rez last night, and in order to do that, I had to teleport to another sim. But it’s nice that I get to feature a dress that was just delivered Thursday.

Above: A Piece of Candy group gift Zuma Blue Baby Doll (FYI: A Piece of Candy has been sending out frequent group gifts, something to strongly consider if you like their clothing styles). Posh Naive Sunflower Hair with Hat (Thirsty Thursday promotion). I CE COCO Doudi Skin.

Poses by RibboN.


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