All they are saying…is give Sn@tch a chance

Sn@tch is having a major sale – 50% to 70% off almost everything in the store. I’m not normally into what I consider the “Sn@tch style” but I took to heart the post on the Sn@tch blog (that said “I’ve heard a little bit of misinformed drivel lately saying that Sn@tch only has slutty clothes or only has neko or grungy clothes, etc and obviously they have no clue what I make so this sale is in honor of MIGHTILY dispelling that myth”) and decided to give them another chance. My view now? Most of it’s still not my cup of tea (Project Themeory pun) but I found some pretty dresses I like. There are a lot of fat packs on sale around $125L-$135L…but I’d have to really like an outfit to want it in 5 different colors (I like Has Been‘s approach to promotional fat packs, where they package together different outfits around a theme). There are some outfits at Sn@tch that are sold as single outfits, and below are two I picked out.

Left: Sn@tch Dragonfly Dress in Lavender (bracelet and leg warmers included)
Enkythings Nogo Sandal in Purple (Free)
Right: Sn@tchh Explicit Dress in Teal (stockings included)
Hair in both pictures – Tiny Bird “Postcards from Italy”
Jewelry in both pictures – Dark Mouse Daisy Diamond Earrings and Necklace
Poses by estetica and noju

Hurry to check out Sn@tch, because the sale ends on May 17th!


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