Muze closing sale

So, I was trying to be really good this weekend at sorting inventory. I made some progress (most poses are now nicely organized into folders). However, I kept getting distracted by news and new offers from the SL grid. Yesterday the news came through that Muze was closing. Now, the outfits featured at Muze are also not my typical style in SL, but in keeping with my “give ’em a chance” motto for Sn@tch’s sale, I realized that the opportunity to get outfits at $10L each was a great way to try some Muze for myself. I picked up 5 outfits at the special price. Below are my two favorites.

Above: I need another formal like I need a hole in my head, but this one was really pretty and mermaid like, so I couldn’t resist. This gown is Cecilla, in the color Sea.

Above: An Indian influence and bright orange color helps this dress really stand out from the crowd. Divya in Sunset comes with a long skirt version and arm bands.

Appologies for not saving the pose info on this post and the next one.


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