Pink sale, and Mischief XStreetSL sale

My take on Pink’s $50L sale:  some cute items here, not run-of-the mill. Very youthful as you can see by the two looks below. I also considered buying a jumpsuit that was like a close fitting overall but wasn’t sure how it would have fit on an actual avatar. One very minor quibble…I’d like to have seen simple items like T-shirts at a lower price point.

Skin: MangoMango Jelly Pale Skin
Hair: kik Mariko II hair
Dress: Pink Cabana Dress in pink

Dress: Pink Blossom Babydoll in Bright Blue
Skin: (not sure where it’s from, maybe  one of the Glam Affair $10L skins?) Allison Fair Skin
Hair: Boon ZGO223 Hair in Chestnut

Mischief is having a $30L sale on XStreetSL only, before retiring these older items. Some are outfits and some are fatpacks. My take: as a post states over on the Mischief blog, these are old items that are being retired. There are few if any sculptie parts on outfits and you may find that a part of the outfit you expect to be a sculptie is actually in the 2D texture. Take a careful, careful look at the pictures on XStreetSL before purchasing. There are some nice outfits here, but I threw away one dress which had nice workmanship on the top but the skirt length was not in balance  in relation to the top (IMO); and threw away another top/pants set where I really hated the top’s texture.

Skin: MangoMango Jelly Pale Skin
Dress: Mischief Quinn from
Hair: Amacci Hair Adena – Amber Tipped Black

Skin: MangoMango Jelly Pale Skin
Dress: Mischief Dinner Date Dress  from
(I removed the included  plaid stockings which IMO didn’t really go with the dress).
Hair: Emma Auburn I love Olive Hair (from the I Love Olive Sold Out Place)

And….whew! I’m done with the megablogging for today. I think.


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