Nostalgic in blue

Wow, between replacing a dead hard drive (which  has been frequently backed up thanks to Apple’s Time Machine software), my hubby asking for help registering for Facebook and finding all his old friends, the series finales of Lost and 24, the season finale of Chuck, and a bunch of Linden Homes malfunctions (more on that later at 117prims), it’s a wonder I’ve had any opportunity to take pictures of new clothing in the last few days. I finally did during the commercials last night, in my 4 hour Chuck and 24 marathon (thank goodness for DVRs).

Below is a look inspired by 1940’s pinup poses.

Rarely will I buy hair at the normal price or close-to-it, but this Sophia updo from Nushru Hair was calling to me at Le Cirque. The shoes are Mielle Sculpted Shoe in Black, available at XStreetSL for only $5L (I think I’ll go back and pick up a few other colors of this one). The dress is Cupcakes Glitz Dress in Blue (I think it was from a $50L sale last week)
The skin is the Exodi Lily v2 Dove Girlie Light Skin (group gift).

The second outfit reminds me of movie musicals  from the late 1940’s and 1950’s. The shoes are  Baby Monkey Laced Flats ($10L for Baby Monkey Group Members). The dress is from  VUI (Cocktail Dress Blue); the skin is a former Super Bargain Saturday skin from TIK TOK (Grace Merlot Medium). The hair is from the current Project Themeory week – Posh‘s Push & Shove in Carrot. The jewelry is Très Beau Pearl Earings and Choker

Poses by Vivianne and [lynds-matic]


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