Hair today (and some of it gone tomorrow!)

So much freebie and reduced price hair this week!

Above, from left to right
Clawtooth Group Gift Mrs. Mittens 2 – Valentine
Hairy Situations – Victoria in Mahogany  w/Full Bright ($40L pack sale)
ChiChickie Group Git May 22 – Megan in Mahogany

Clawtooth sent out a new group gift, a shade of their new style Mrs. Mittens. Hairy Situations is closing. Everything inside the shop is at least 75% off. Older Bewitched (BWH) styles are in the yard sale section and are $25L per color pack. This sale is currently scheduled to run till Monday, but may potentially be extended another week.  ChiChickie is back (and I was just wondering a week or so ago if they were in hibernation mode or something). They’ve sent out a group gift – one shade of their new style Megan. In addition, they’re having a “hidden” sale – scattered throughout the store are a bunch of color packs marked down to $10L.

Above, from left to right:
ChiChickie Jenna2 in HONEY (one of the $10L pack specials
BWH (Hairy Situations) Glamor in Aub ($25L pack sale)
BWH (Hairy Situations) Quinn in dkbown ($25L pack sale)

Shirt is So Many Styles Prairie Blouse in Light Brown (Currently 50% off)

Pose by PR!TTY


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