Feeling sort of plaid today

The hair is doing something funny, but doggone, it took like a half hour to get my avatar this far rezzed after changing my clothing.  I should have never moved back to a Meadowbrook home. If I’m living in a Tahoe home, I don’t usually have nearly the lag and rezzing problems. I suspect it is  because more people likely are nearby in the Meadowbrook homes.

I wanted to keep myself on a budget when shopping at Gypsy Soul’s going out of business sale…after all, $50L Friday is coming up, and then the $60L Weekends promotion…but it was so difficult to narrow down to just two outfits. This is the first one I bought. It also comes with yellow leggings but I took them off for a summer look.

I’ve battled the lag at fri.day several times this week attempting to get hair and clothes while they’re on sale. No matter what time of day I log in, there’s always tons of people over there; hard to even get pictures of hair to come in clearly! I’ll hopefully be posting more about the things I’ve picked up over there.

fri.day! Brande.2 Hair in Jealous Red (on sale this week for $75L)
Gypsy Soul
Tippy Dress (on sale for $75L at going out of business sale)
BeA Kati Shoe from XStreetSL.com
Elemiah Design Coffee Bracelets
Pose from marukin


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