Blogger Challenge Topic #4

Is your avatar more or less your current biological age? Do you portray a younger avatar, or older? Why is this?

Well, my avatar is only a few months old, so she’s certainly less than my biological age.

In appearance, my avatar changes as I’m trying out and photographing different items almost every day. Some days she appears to be in her twenties, some days in her thirties, some days she appears as an elegant middle aged lady (I guess a botoxed middle age lady since she has absolutely no wrinkles). So, it would be accurate to say that she’s often appearing younger than my real age.

The “why” would be twofold: first, I’m sometimes photographing new release or promotional-related items for the blog that make my avatar appear younger. Second, I really haven’t seen any good middle-aged skins in SL. There are some good mature-appearing ones but even combined with a mature hairstyle, it’s unlikely users would consider the avatar’s appearance older than late thirties/early forties.

As far as behavior, my avatar is always going to behave like a mature person. A clumsy person who falls off stairs at this point, but still a mature person.


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