Two from the Fashion is Love hunt

Before Sleep’s item for the Fashion is Love Hunt is a combination of skirt, top, leggings, shoes and jewelry! Basically, everything you see on the avatar except the skin, hair and shape! The Cupcakes skins that were out (for a short time) at the $50L Bake Sale last Monday were mostly retro inspired. Darling Peanut reminds me of the 1930’s cartoon character Betty Boop.

Before Sleep Fashion is Love Hunt Gift (includes Denim Chunky Heel, Rainbow Bracelet, Denim Mini, Striped Leggings and Tube Top)
Cupcakes Darling Peanut Retro Skin
Audacity Mercy Hair in Copper
Pose by Static Beauty

I have been experimenting with adding custom backgrounds to my SecondSnaps Photo Studio. I’ve found some images over at Wikipedia Commons that are either in the public domain or licensed so that individuals can resuse them. Here’s my first experiment with an urban landscape. Since I appear to be unable to activate shadows on my Mac (I’ll be trying again later with some of the alternative browsers) I might try next some generic shadowing on the background next.

BeBe Doll’s hunt gift is this halter dress with low cut sides. The Fhang Candy Skin featured here was also at the Cupcakes Bake Sale earlier this week.  This look also features one of Dark Mouse’s wonderful necklaces and the very versatile  Baby Monkey Summer Wedge Shoes.

BeBe Doll Fashion is Love Hunt Gift – Bethany Dress in Light Steel Blue
Fhang Candy Skin – Sasha – Midnight Passiona
Baby Monkey Summer Wedge Shoe (Pink and Purple color change)
Dark Mouse Remember Me Necklace
Bellissimo Wendy Hair in Red
Pose by Everglow


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