Yesterday’s BBC – catching up

I know I didn’t blog anything for yesterday’s Big Blogger Challenge, so I’ll catch up this morning and then see if I can fit in today’s topic later. There was a lot going on in my life yesterday – Dear Hubby’s birthday and issues with my father-in-law’s declining health. I did fit in some clothing shots in SL late last night, so I will try and post some of those today as well — hunt finds and other very low priced items.

So,  yesterday’s challenge was to write about anything that was on our mind. What came into my mind first was some things that I’ve been simmering over regarding events in SL. Now, let me give a disclaimer up front that I realize there is a ton of hard work involved in pulling off these events…planning, designing, creating, promoting, coordinating all the necessary activities.  People involved rightly deserve respect for all their hard work.

You just knew a “but” was coming, right?

Here’s a paraphrase of something I saw come through public chat during a recent event.

Attendee 1: You do realize you’re like wearing half the prims on this sim, don’t you?

Attendee 2: HaaaaaaaHaaaaa

Now, without having seen either avatar, and given that we can’t fully understand either Attendee 1 or Attendee 2’s true motives and intent (given the limitations of text-based messaging) , I don’t know if either was being sarcastic. We also don’t know if Attendee 2’s “laughter” was due to ignorance, arrogance, or something else. But it is true that often one lands at these events and sees numbers of other avatars wearing high prim counts. I’ve been guilty of it myself. And even worse, a lot of these avatars may be wearing items that, especially with lag adding to slow rezzing, will block other user’s views.

Organizers of an  event earlier this spring (perhaps it was the Pose Fair) sent out some low prim items and a reminder about how wearing low prim items would improve everyone’s enjoyment of the event. I think this is an extremely good idea.  Some of us just don’t know any better, since there are new people all the time in SL. Some of us forget. The arrogant types will never change, but the rest of us could benefit from the information.

On a related note, another event earlier this spring sent out a map and a program guide immediately prior to the opening. Unfortunately this was an in-world object and therefore rather difficult to read. I do believe there was a version of the map on the web site, but it was a bitmapped graphic and the individual shops names were illegible.

So, here’s an idea. Yes, I know that with all that you need to do to prepare, you don’t need one more thing, but…organizers of big events…how about posting a PDF map on your web sites? First, it would be legible, second, people could refer to it whether they were in-world or not, third, almost everyone has Acrobat installed on their computers (and if they don’t it’s available for free). Those of us who teleport to an event during busy times could find our way better while we’re waiting for some kind of rezzing to happen. And we wouldn’t have the frustration of easily getting lost during a large event.


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