I don’t buy many gowns in Second Life, because I generally don’t attend galas, and, really, I don’t like wearing them for “everyday” events. I do love gowns, however, and when gifted with a nice one through a hunt or a group, I do keep them in my inventory. The gown below was one of the hunt prizes in this last weekend’s Phoenix Rising birthday celebration.

I really loved the different textures and fabrics all mixed together. The necklace came with the outfit as well. I’ve paired the gown with one of the Boon hairs from The Dressing Room – Blue.  This hair is part of a special four-pack. Don’t be put off by the bright color names…most of the colors were more subtle than the name suggested.

Boon XFE275 Hair in Purple (from The Dressing Room – Blue)
Phoenix Rising – Lellani’s Elegance Gown in Purple (from PR’s birthday hunt)
Cupcakes Embrace Skin in Glow (group gift)
Pose by Glitteratii


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