Kristen’s Viewer and weekend goodies

I swap out SL viewers more frequently than I swap out Linden Homes, which means that I bounce back and forth between the viewers available for the Mac several times a week (sometimes within hours).  For picture taking, I am most impressed with Kristen’s Viewer. I still can’t get shadows on a dual-core MacMini, but I know I’m far from the only person having that problem…and I can’t spring for more processing firepower any time soon.

Take a look at the following two pictures, featuring the Tres Blah Romantic Chemise in Beige (from Stumblebum) and the Phoenix Rising Forte Skirt in Ice (from the PR birthday hunt). These illustrate some of the great strengths of the viewer as well as at least one big challenge.

Look at the detail that is in these pictures, from the rosettes on the shoes, to the semi-transparency of the skirt, to the individual pearls in the necklace. Bear in mind that these photos are now only 450 pixels wide, resized in PhotoShop from the original resolution of 6000 pixels wide. There is a windlight setting in Kristen’s Viewer – I think it’s called Midday Shadows or something similar – that gives bright lighting but keeps the definition that comes with shadows.

III Summer Pearl Necklace (from the Black and Blue Fair)
Exile Leslie Chocolate Caramel Hair (from The Dressing Room, just added this weekend)
Tres Blah B Romantic Chemise in Beige (from Stumblebum)
Purple Moon Satine Champagne Pumps
Phonex Rising Forte Skirt in Ice (one of the birthday hunt freebies!!!)
Tuli Gina 02 Skin (from The Dressing Room, just added this weekend)
Pose by Glitterati ($100L fatback sale!!!)

I had three issues with Kristen’s Viewer. First, the camera keyboard controls don’t work, so I had to try and adjust camera position from the camera window. That’s always been difficult, and you can see these two pictures have a foreshortened perspective. Secondly, the right window controls in Kristen’s Viewer aren’t consistent. If you have the button to activate the little control pannel for the right window, all buttons should flip the right window to the indicated category (ie, inventory, landmarks, etc.). Some do switch, others close the window (there is a close window button that should handle that function). It is really annoying. Third issue is that with the latest build of Kristen’s Viewer, the Starlight skin doesn’t work  – it won’t allow you to log in (it was working on the build from a few weeks ago). I didn’t realize how much I would miss it till I couldn’t use it any longer.

Despite these issues, Kristen’s Viewer is still by far my favorite for taking pictures.

Just for a quick comparison, here’s the last shot I took in the SL 2.0 viewer.  I’ve set anti-aliasing to about the same level as Kirstens, and most graphics other settings were at least close.

It’s not…terrible, there is some decent definition on the pumps and the dress. But it’s just not as sharp as the Kristen’s Viewer shots. And it’s not just that the background isn’t fully rezzed…everything about the picture seems a little more fuzzy. I may have to go take this picture again, because I really like the dress and the hair. The hair especially reminds me of Blondie.

Garage Sheila Skin (Thirsty Thursdays)
CC Design Pumps Black Bow Grey
Lamb Whop Dee Doo Hair in Butter
Mocha Moon Light Dance Dress in pink
Pose by Diesel Works


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