Icing’s vintage looks

I love it when I find a new store, or rediscover a store that I haven’t been to in a while. I was hunting around for vintage-inspired fashion and peeked into Icing recently. This pretty, delicate dress was irresistible! I love the sweetheart neckline and the flair of the skirt.

Above: Vanity Hair Bonnie Hair in Auburn, AZE Designs Jupiter Pearl Necklace and Earings in Gold, Basevi Moda Stiletto Sandals Bow in Olive Yellow,  Cupcakes Icon Honey Tangerine Skin,Icing Demura Dress. Pose by Glitterati

But wait! It gets even better! There’s a freebies section with three dresses and some accessories.

Here’s one of the freebie dresses below.

I Love Olive Blow Hair in Auburn, Chuchulet Apoc Necklace in Turquoise ($1L), Color Changing Wooden Wedge Shoes from Icing (free), Petit Baiser Dress from Icing (Free), Cupcakes Icon Skin in  Honey Tangerine. Pose by DieselWorks


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