A picture’s worth a thousand words…

So here’s just three: sale, free, sale. Details below the photos.

Fine handmade jewelry in real life is a combination of skill and talent. Dark Mouse‘s jewelry creations in SL, in my opinion, are authentic representations of the fine handcrafted jewelry experience. The four pictures above highlight pieces I’ve gotten from her collection.

Recently, I learned that Dark Mouse has not been showing up correctly in SL search, and visits to the store have dropped dramatically in recent months. I believe that the SL fashion experience has been greatly enhanced by the work of creative artists like Mouse Mimistrobell. She’s currently holding a sale on some of her older stock – marked down to $50L and $100L – so rush over to Dark Mouse and pick up on some truly lovely jewelry.

I’ve paired the Dark Mouse jewelry with the new Pixel Dolls tops – available for free in one color for a limited time. The hair in all the pictures is from KC Hair, which is having a fantastic sale – $15L per color pack and an incredible $30L per fat pack!


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