So, there was great weeping, and gnashing of teeth…

….at the Abonwood-Wellesley house last night.

No, just kidding.

But between multiple Linden Homes malfunctioning over the last two days, and major-US-internet-access-provider having a major email outage yesterday, just when Dear Hubby, out of work for several months, was expecting some forms to come in from a potential employer, things were…not pretty.

I will say this, though, despite 1 Linden Home not recognizing me as owner despite being “given” to me (which didn’t allow me to access the control panel, rez objects, or even abandon the land), and the next 3 homes having no access to the control panel, and the last home link teleporting me into the floor (as if my avatar was one of those alternate world mashups in Fringe) the online support chat was at least THERE to try and help.

Unlike Ver…, oh, that major US internet access provider. Who over at least a 6 to 8 hour email outage did not even post a thing on their system status page. Whose online support chat was conveniently DOWN at the time, even though it was still within the posted hours they were supposed to be available. And, according to other Ver…  major US internet access provider customers,  their phone-in customer support people had no idea what was going on (which the customers became aware of only after they’d waited on hold for an hour).

So, the next time you’re tempted to dis Linden Labs’ customer support, think again. There may be lots of room for improvement (for example, why ARE all those Linden Homes still out there with unworkable control panels?) but at least those of us who are paying customers are getting access to real time chat support.

And, yes, I’ll be resuming my regularly scheduled blogging whenever things get back to normal in the RL Abonwood-Wellesley household.


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