Long holiday weekend: Twinkle Night Bazaar, hair sales, and more

Last night I visited the charming Twinkle Night Bazaar. Each featured vendor has placed a few items for sale, none over $50L.

When you teleport into the location, let things rez for a moment, turn around and look for the sign below.

Follow in the direction of the arrow and you will find yourself on a path with vendors on each side. The path winds up a hill.

As one might expect from the name, the theme is related to stars, constellations, and the night sky. I found that the quality of items varied widely, and some were a little too “cute” for me. Here’s a couple of dresses that I liked.

This long sundress is the Oyakin Aslan oop Dress in Green. It’s also available in blue. The rest of the items are not from the event –  DbT Delliah Olive Leather Sandal (former Fab Free gift), Tiny Bird Sunset Soon Forgotten Hair in Deep Red (sale this weekend), Magic Nook Moon River Necklace in Gold/Turquoise (I think this is from Operation Squeegee) and the Tik Tok Sabrina Light Skin (group gift). The pose is by Glitterati.

This sweet little dress is the Tomato, Tomato Somnolence dress. One really sweat feature of this dress is that as one’s avatar moves, the stars pick up and float for a moment before settling again. Also featured in this picture is  Simply Britnee Cleopatra II Hair in Marron (sale this weekend), and Ohh-la-Licious Reduc Vanilla Bubblegum skin. Pose by LAP.

The two hair stores featured in these pictures – Simply Britnee and Tiny Bird –  are having major sales this weekend. Tiny Bird is having a 50% off sale on everything except collaborations. Simply Brinee has many styles marked down to $1L, $25L, $50L and $100L. This is a great chance to stock up on some hair. I use big sales like this to fill in “gaps” in my inventory hair selection.


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