The Bacchanal

The Bacchanal is an event that appears from time to time, for a few days, then disappears.  This time the theme appears to be related to turn-of-the-century World’s Fair…but it’s really a loose theme, basically the event has period, fantasy, goth and steampunk clothing for women. Everything is either $13L, $31L or $113L. Hurry, because the event is due to end tonight!

The most creative outfit at the event, IMO, is this  brass outfit by Frick. There are also coordinating skins (one of which my avatar is wearing) and makeup for $31L and $13L.

The outfit pack contains many pieces that can be worn in different combinations – I’m just showing you one combination here that makes use of most of the pieces.

I thought this would be a good opportunity to wear the free cute hair comb and bracelet from Dark Mouse for the Good Sh__ Hunt. Horatia was brought up to be a lady, you see, and she just can’t quite get that word out. She also suspects that “Frick” is really along the same lines of “frack” and “frell” but she figures that you need to know the name of the store.  The hair is Tiny Bird Sunset Soon Forgotten Hair in Dark Cherry (see sale info posted on this blog earlier today). Poses are by LAP.


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