Pacadi skin sale, Emjay sale, and discovering Fore

Pacadi has been back for a while with a smaller store, and when I stopped by recently I was excited that the skins were on sale. I really wanted to try some of them, and I picked up a couple skins at the low price (I think it was about $79L). The skin featured below is Pacadi Hypnose Skin Line/Pale 12A, a fair skin with a pretty blush on the cheeks. Several colors of manicured nails (as glove items) are included with the skins.

I also checked out two stores that were “new to me” this weekend.

Emjay is having a One Year Anniversary Sale till July 13th (thanks to KawaiiNicole Piers for mentioning it on her blog). The store features casual dresses and sportswear. Here are two looks I picked up at Emjay’s sale.

Emjay Green Floral BabyDoll Dress. Also featured: Ear Candy Congo Inspired Jewelry, Tiny Bird Hair – Into My Arms in Dark Cherry (sale still going on!),
Duh! Spring Flats in Parchment.

Emjay Linen Capri in Olive ($50L) and Sash Top in Olive ($50L). Also featured: Mariposa Jewels Augmentation Bracelet in Bronze/Jade (free), Duh! White Alysun Espadrille (group gift), Simply Britnee Gladis Hair in Cherry.

I really liked the Emjay clothing items I purchased, but I will throw out one caution…the cuffs on pants don’t have mod permissions and therefore can’t be stretched to fit larger-than-skinny thighs. As you can see I had a little issue with that on the Olive capris. I also bought a pair of long plaid shorts where the problem is even worse (maybe my avatar’s thighs are less skinny than her calves, who knows?).

The other new-to-me store I visited was Fore, which I found out from a post about some free lace trim t-shirts from val southard’s blog, Fore has youthful clothing that is mostly very feminine (many of the pieces have lace trim). Featured below is a matching babydoll dress and leggings. The prices were very reasonable (the dress around $100L and the leggings around $30L). The lace trimmed t-shirts are still available as freebies, BTW.

Fore Classic OP Grey Dress and Fore Lace Zip Leggings in Grey. Also featured: Twisted and Spoiled Black and Blue Heart Jewelry (from the Black and Blue Fair), CC Design Pumps Black Bow in Grey, Lamb Sleepyhead Hair in Sun-Dried Tomato.

All poses by VivaPoses.


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