Island Girl

So…Cupcakes recently put out a nice little gift for in-world group members, featuring a s set of skins and a summer outfit in two colors. The bandeau top and floral skirt had me looking for a suitable island climate for a photo shoot, and via the Second Life Destination Guide, I found Dreamer’s Paradise, an ethereal island full of rich blue and green foliage. What a great place to take a relaxing mini vacation. The soundtrack here is gentle meditation music which really fits the environment.

Wow, I really just had a “duh” moment in SL, too. I’ve been tampering with Debug Settings in the Advanced Menu, attempting to tweak the image quality, and I managed to get some settings in place that stubbornly weren’t responding in the regular preferences settings. Which was great, but as the image quality improved I realized that I was really having problems adjusting this skirt. The base seemed a lot more grey in the background than the flexi part. As I was adjusting, I wondered to myself, “can I maybe make the background on the flexi a little more grey? Sure enough, I was able to do that, and now it blends in better.

Cupcakes Tiny Floral Skirt in Blue and Bandeau in Navy, Cupcakes Dahila Copper/Bronze Skin, Dark Mouse Shell Flower Jewelry, Kyoot Self Adsorbed Hair in Chestnut, pose by Glitterati


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