Shrinking Violet and the Wallflowers

A lot of fashion shops in SL seem to be featuring purple/violet right now. Here are some examples I’ve collected over the last few days.

Below: I love the colors and texture on the Purple Floral Dress from House of Fox ($40L Saturday Night Fever item). Also featured:  ABomb Amy Wedge Shoes, Simply Britnee Crystal Hair in Cherry, and Splashing Doll Krystal Cremino Skin ($10L at the  Harajaku Skin Fair). Pose by Glitterati.

Below: This floral print dress was on special at Timmy Pret A Porter this weekend. The outfit comes with the stockings as well. Also featured: Callia Delphinium Hair in Cinnamon, and Splashing Doll Pink Sorbet Cremino Skin ($10L at the  Harajaku Skin Fair). Pose by LAP.

Below: PixelDolls recently released not one but four new dresses, and the violet colors of each were freebies! This one, the Fade Velvet Dress in Violet,  was likely my favorite, just because it’s so different, with the Tudor-style details.  Yes, I wouldn’t typically wear something with a neckline cut down to the waist, so I’ll likely find a cami to put under the dress. The skirts on all these dresses are kind of a bell shape, which I’m not sure I really like, but it does make it easier to do poses where your avatar’s legs are further apart.

Let me just throw out some kudos about the Ava-Tarre Vega in Black Hair as well, Many of the darker hairs I’ve tried in SL tend to be somewhat flat looking. There’s a lot of “shine” showing up in this hair….for  a $60L Weekend special, this had really nice quality. The picture doesn’t really do it full justice because there is a lot more movement/detail to the bottom part of the hair than you see here. I suppose I shouldn’t be too surprised that it’s such a nice texture because my favorite long curly do also comes from Ava-Tarre. I’m likely to give this brand some more consideration because of  these two styles (I do get a little frustrated that they tend to put out the same styles every week for $60L Weekends, just different colors; this week they had some different styles). The skin is Splashing Doll Berdina Cremino ($10L at the  Harajaku Skin Fair). Pose by exposur.


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