More from the Summer of Love Fair

I found out something else really neat about The Summer of Love Fair…there’s also a hunt with lots of freebies!  When  you get to the fair, be sure to click on the question marks. You’ll get information on a number of mental health conditions…be sure to read them. The information in those notices could even help save the life of someone you love. I’m speaking from personal experience as the mother of one daughter with early-onset Bipolar Disorder, and another daughter with an eating disorder.

There’s another benefit to clicking on the question marks – because many of them will also dispatch to you yummy freebies by many well known designers in Second Life. The skin in the picture below is one of those freebies, from III. And it’s really, really cute, with a sweet smattering of freckles on the face. The T-Shirts below are $40L each, and just perfect for navigating the fair as part of a low-prim outfit.

More info about the fair coming soon!


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