Summer of Love Fair Freebie

Every time I’ve returned to The Summer of Love Fair, I’ve found something new in the densly packed rooms. On my last visit, I spied this freebie dress with matching jewelry!

I’m still wearing (and loving) the III Summer Tone Skin 2 – Although I do have some wonderful new non-summery skins that I’m just waiting for the right outfit to pair with! Summer of love Fair: aDiva Couture Summer Slash Outfit, includes jewelry (Freebie)
Not from fair: Pocket Mirrors Margot Curls Majestic  and pose by LoveSick.


My posting frequency over the next few days is likely to be lower than typical. IRL there’s lots of family stuff going on. In SL, I need some major inventory cleaning, and I’m in the process of moving onto a piece of mainland. My plan right now is to have a skybox for photoshoots and the ground area for staging houses and home furnishings (yes, 1117Prims will still be 117 prims, because even though I personally don’t have a Linden Home at this point, Linden Home owners, those who rent and or purchase small lots of land, etc. still need low prim home furnishings).I’m hoping that the extra prim allowance will help me have a better setup for both blogs.


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