Baubles freebie, Doppleganger maxi dress, and Cupcakes $25L goodness

Well, I’m having challenges in my new place, mostly due to my newness at rezzing houses, but also due to Linden Labs woeful lack of promptness at technical support (more on that soon @ 117Prims). I did manage to get up my photo studio to take a couple of shots last night. I have ditched my previous moderately-priced photo studio because it was taking sooooo loooonnngggg to load backdrops. My replacement photo studio is from Chic Aeon, owner of Baubles and writer of the Chic at Phil’s Place blog. I was sorry to read recently that Chic is closing Baubles, but I’m hopeful that the photo studio will still be available on XStreetSL/Second Life Marketplace. The Boho Jewelry featured in the outfit below is free from Baubles for a limited time, so hurry on over and get the goodness. I’ve paired it with a cute maxi dress from Doppleganger, Inc. The hair in this picture and the next is from LoQ, which is having a fantastic sale right now.

Now, let me tell you about the cute dress below. Cupcakes sent out a message to their group members about some newly-added bargains in their sale area. I teleported right over and snapped up some very nice items. This dress, called Lily, is way too cute to be only $25L!

The skin in both pictures is Mango Mango Vamp Spring, and the poses are by Vivaposes.


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