Not only cutesy…S@BBiA and Dilly Dolls sales

Two brands that are typically associate with “cute” clothing are having big sales right now. Today I’m going to show examples of how these typically “girly” looks can be slightly reworked, playing up more sophisticated styling.

S@BBiA‘s clothing tends to be light colored with feminine details. However, the dress below is more on the dark and bold side, even with a floral print poof skirt. To enhance the more bold feel, I’ve added a metal statement necklace from Glo Studio (avail able from The Dressing Room Blue), black high-heeled sandals from DbT, and a straight pony-tail hairstyle from Posh (one of the freebies from the grand opening pack at The Rumor sim). The skin is TikTok Stella medium (group gift). Pose by exposeur.

Dilly Dolls, on the other hand, tends toward the Goth Lolita look…lots of black and rich colors, short full skirts, lace and bows. Some of the styles available are more sophisticated then the typical “dolly” look. The dress below is called “Kammy”  features a longer, less-full skirt, and comes with the long pearl necklace. The black lace stockings are from my inventory. The Hair is from LollipopZ’s recent sale – Inspire Hair in Bronze Brown. The Vintage Screw Back Earrings are from Dark Mouse. The shoes are from a group gift by Maltreya. The skin is Piece of Mind Classique Glam. The pose is from exposeur.

Below is another Dilly Dolls look, one that that moves back a little to the feminine Goth Lolita style, but with a longer skirt and vintage influences.

The dress is Shandi in Dark Teal (comes with matching tights, not shown).  The jewelry is Dark Mouse’s Vintage 50’s Diamond and Pearls Set. The hair is Clawtooth: The Morning After in Coco. The skin is Piece of Mind Classique Glam and the pose is by exposeur.


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