Oh, No, Inventory Overload! How to Fix???

I am officially on inventory overload. If I was going to be a good girl, I would avoid 50L Friday, Rocking Friday, Project Themeory, Saturday Night Fevah, 60L Weekends, Lazy Sunday and the 2010 Shoe Fair, which opens on Saturday…and is for a good cause, Shoes4ASouls. So, maybe I won’t be so good 🙂

But I definitely need to cull the inventory, since it’s creeping into the 35, 000 range.

So, it’s time to go back and review the tips at SL4NowT’s Inventory Management 101 article archive, where there are a whole bunch of helpful articles on the topic.

Some things I learned from this site:

  1. Copy landmarks on to note cards (I have one note card for furniture, one for shoes, one for hair, etc. The article suggests you can use the note cards to make notes about store specifics as well.
  2. Archive old stuff (you may have to box up items first, and then put the boxes in another box).
  3. Search for Float, Hover, Delete, Thank, Posestand, Pose Stand, Posing, Adjustment, Unpacker – in order to remove unnecessary note cards and scripts.
  4. Organize your folders in a way that makes sense to you (for example, I have a hair folder with short, long, medium, ponytail, and updo sub-folders).
  5. Do a little inventory management each time you log in.
  6. File hunt items in a folder named with the name of the hunt (especially a good idea for us bloggers!). I’ll just add…either move it, or archive it, after you blog it! And when you notice that the hunt was, oh, two or three months ago, it’s time to move those items into the regular folders, or archive them!

Tonight I hope to work on some of this common sense inventory management. Gotta do it!


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