Gother than Thou Hunt

My time for Second Life and for blog posting has been limited these last few days due to a short vacation. Surprisingly, I had intermittent wifi out in the middle of nowhere, but a storm kept knocking it out. Which was just as well, because I had brought work – real work – along with me and needed to focus on that. I did manage to get much of the Gother than Thou Hunt done, and have begun unpacking and trying on the results. As has been reported on other blogs, there is a nice variety of clothing featured in hunt gifts. I also picked up a number of sale items and Midnight Mania prizes along the way! Links to participating stores and hunt hints can be found at the Gother Than Thou Hunt Blog. One has  to be a member of the Thrifty Goth Group in-world, and wear the group label,  in order to pick up most of the hunt prizes.

From the Gother than Thou Hunt: Arsenic Lace Clarette Outfit. I’m not sure if the aMused Goth Female Skin featured here is from the hunt, or from a Midnight Mania at that store. Not from hunt: ChiChickie Lise Hair in Red (group gift)), pose by Glitterati

Show Me On The Doll has rapidly become one of my favorite stores for goth-type clothing, due to the quality and detail of the items.  For the hunt prize, the store offered something not immediately thought of as sterotypically goth, but deffinately in the mood: The Loss Gown. I loved the detail of the skirt, and since there have been a number of blog posts showing the outfit’s front detail, I decided to show you from the back). Not from hunt: DarkerSide Flourish Skin in Irish ($10L special found while looking for their hunt object), Ingenue Sweet Rosie O’Grady Hair in Auburn, pose by Glitterati.


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