Just show me (on the doll)

It’s really kind of ironic, but whenever Putrid Gloom of Show Me On The Doll releases a new promotional or member group outfit in Second Life, I’m typically very happy! I love, love, love the detail in the outfits and the  humor underlying the darker goth styles. Last week Putrid released a feminine, fluffy treat of a dress for Stumblebum called “The Tear Pool”…and it was only $50L! A day or so later, Putrid sent subscribo group members a note, saying that the dress had really been rather successful, so Putrid was going to release another color, called “The Raspberry Whine” which would be priced at only $50L as well.

I apologize for not having more specifics on skin, hair, shoes and poses, but I was running so late with this post that I wanted to go ahead and get it online [EDITED TO ADD: I have updated some of the info below and hope to do more later]. As you can see by the pictures, if one’s avatar is wearing this dress with the boa, it’s really better to wear short hair or an updo.  The hair on the left is one of the newer Truth hairs currently on sale – it’s called Midori. The hair on the right is LoQ Hairs  Con Panna – Ash Black from The Fashion House. The shoes on the left are from aMused at The Industry Shopping District Fair, and the ones on the right are from SLink (currently featured at  The Dressing Room Blue).


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