A few comments for event attendees and designers

Ampersand Artful over on The Rumor blog has a few reminders about how to do your part to prevent lag at events like Hair Fair. This may be far from the last comment of this nature that we see on the feeds. I noticed this weekend at Hair Fair that a good number of people really seemed to be losing patience with those who may be contributing to lag. I didn’t see any physical smackdowns, but I sure saw a few verbal smackdowns in local chat! It’s a good idea to remember that among the high-prim-wearers are the uninformed as well as those who are doing it deliberately.  At one time each of us was ignorant of the whole ARC thing.  I’m glad Ampersand’s post had more of an educational tone to it. I noticed that participants in some of my in-world groups were also trying to spread the word in a non-threatening manner. I ended up wearing jeans, a simple top, and a makeup-layer hair base from Tiny Bird in order to get my ARC number down.

I’m not sure how I feel about the design and layout of Hair Fair. I appreciated that it was more minimalist than many recent events, and that things were laid out on some kind of grid.  However, all the winding through booths was confusing. And without some kind of guide/map to the Fair, I have still not located several of my favorite hair vendors. I’ve said it before, and I’m saying it now…organizers of big events should publish a legible map of the event on their event’s web site. And make it a PDF so we can zoom in to read it! It’s not a difficult thing to do. Given the unavoidable lag that attendees are going to have to deal with, can’t you organizers do this one thing to help us find our favorite vendors?

Of course Hair Fair wasn’t the only big event this last weekend. In addition to normal weekly promotions, there was also Designers United and Project Donate. I felt that Designers United is a stronger event from the perspective of consistency of quality merchandise.  I certainly spent more there, and contemplated buying even more.  OTOH, Project Donate is for such a worthy cause (relief to flood victims in Pakistan) that I encourage everyone to at least find something there to purchase (and you likely will, there are many nice quality things there, it’s just that there are also overpriced lower quality items as well).

A final point, and this is something that bothered me both at Designers United and at Project Donate. I am sick and tired of designers slapping out slip dresses, tube dresses, and cami-topped sundresses as if they are doing something appealing and unique.  I have dozens of these in my inventory already, and I will not purchase a dress in these styles at this point unless there is something extremely different and unique about it (texture, details, etc.). I know I can’t be the only one who feels this way. Designers, please get over it, and move on. Please.


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