Closing sales

It’s always sad to see shops closing in Second Life. Hopefully some of the designers for the shops  listed below will find a way to bring their designs to SL residents in the future…

Where? Crimson + Clover
What? Goth-influenced skins and hair
How Much? $50L for individual colors/tones
Ending Date? Don’t know

Where? Phoenix Rising
What? Designer gowns, lingere, dresses, and mens/womens sportswear
How Much? $25L for individual items; discount rack/retired/one-of-a-kind items $1L
Ending Date? October 30

Where? [dekade]
What? Skins
How Much? $300L single tones, $600L fatpacks
Ending Date? November 14

Where? Prelude’s Foyer
(sim closing; sale also at Clairiere Boutique and Freckles Designs)
What? Mainly dresses and formals, some sportswear; Freckles Designs has skins
How Much? $50L except fatpacks
Ending Date? October 26


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