Get out now!

A reminder why it’s not a good idea to make the rounds of SL’s Friday deals at 3:30 am, when your dogs have woken you up so you can let them out, and you are still under the influence of the Ambien you took last night…

A certain merchant in SL is participating in two weekly events that begin at 12 am on Friday mornings. The SLURL to that merchant’s store is listed on the blog pages for both these events.

This morning, at 3:30 am, while waiting for the doggies to finish their requested bathroom time, I decided to visit said merchant’s store and hopefully purchase one of those special deals.

I teleported…twice at least. Fell through the sky and landed on the ground. In a garden of some kind. Started going through anything that looked like a building. The area (not sure it was an entire sim) was named the same as the store’s name.

I came to one big building. Meanwhile, in the non-virtual world, my dogs barked to be let in. I let them in and went back upstairs to sleep.

A few hours later…when I normally wake up…I come back down, and see that SL is still open on my computer. I sit down and look through the building. It looks like it could be a store, but I don’t see any merchandise.

Sometimes stores have lobbies, so I keep looking.

And then I see the avatar standing in the room.

A few seconds later, I see an avatar…and an IM comes up on my SL client, demanding that I leave immediately (or be banned). And letting me know that this is a private residence, not the store. With exclamation points and the like.


So the  SLURL was wrong  (it was the same on BOTH web sites, for the two different weekly events)…maybe the store is in a skybox and the SLURL is just a little “off”?

Who really lost out here?

I don’t think I did. It was a pretty outfit, but there will be others, from other merchants. And while I don’t relish potentially being banned anywhere in SL, I had no intentions of causing harm, and I can live without going back to that store.

The person who lost out was the merchant, who lost my business today. It would be so ironic if the avatar I saw in the private residence was actually the merchant themselves. I may never know if it was.

If the merchant and/or resident,  reads this, please understand that I am sorry, and I did not mean to intrude. I just don’t think I’m going to try to go to that shop any time soon.


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