More on ipad integration

Well, I’m several weeks into my ownership of an ipad. I’ve tried the only existing client for ipads (more on that later), and I’ve tried remoting into my desktop in order to access SL. Of the two, remoting into a full-fledged computer seems to be the better option.

The remote access tool that I am using was recommended to me by a co-worker: WYSE Pocket Cloud. Pocket Cloud allows the user to zoom in and out of the screens on the remote desktop, and supports dual monitor configurations (where that zoom feature comes in awful handy!). There is a desktop component but apparently it’s only needed if you are using the Google ID sign-in configuration. Pocket Cloud works with Mac and Windows, It’s a little laggy but will allow a user to accomplish some simple tasks in SL. I’ll be looking at some other remote access apps as well.

The picture below was taken while in the Pocket Cloud app, and then cropped in Photoshop Express on my ipad.

And, of course, this post was created using the WordPress app!



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