Over the next few days, you’ll start to see changes at Horatia’s Hopping and Shopping.

You may have noticed that I haven’t been posting very much recently. This happens with many  SL bloggers when real life happenings take priority over our hobbies (and, let’s face it, for 99.9% of us, SL is a hobby).

Recently, however, it’s been issues involving SL as much as things in the non-virtual world that have been influencing my lack of posts.

First is the ongoing monstrosity we call “Inventory.”  It seems like most of my time in SL these days is spent trying to clean it up and bring it back to manageable numbers.  I find I have little energy and enthusiasm for fashion blogging after tediously trying on virtual clothing and body parts, waiting for hair to rez, and then dragging items from one folder to another (or into a cube to archive).

Second  I’m an introvert offline, and have tended to be rather solitary in SL as well. This isolation has increasingly bothered me, and has provided yet another reason to change focus.  There are lots of interesting people in Second Life, and lots of interesting topics I’d like to talk about with them…so this is a priority for my next year of virtual life.

It’s not just about events…I’ve attended plenty of them in the last year, and reported on many of those I attended. One thing you’ve likely noticed is that SL is not particularly well-suited for large events. Sims get overloaded and become laggy. It may take days before a user is able to teleport into a popular event (which happened to me recently).

There are other aspects that I’d like to integrate into my blog…for example, the “bigger picture” – the impact of technology on our overall lives. I’ve touched on this a little bit in previous posts, but I’d really like to post more on the topic as it relates to Second Life.  I’d like to put more emphasis on the world of SL – the places that users have created.

I won’t be moving completely away from fashion. I just want to change the focus of my blog into something more inclusive.

So…you’re going to start to notice the rebranding around here.  The new name for the blog is “around the (virtual) world.” I hope to get a chance to meet many of you as I travel.


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