What is 2nd Hub, and why should YOU be there?

If you haven’t joined 2nd Hub yet, what are you waiting for?

2nd Hub is a social networking site that welcomes users registering with their Second Life Avatar name (unlike another social networking site that shall not be named, which has been dumping users registered with SL avatar names).

2nd Hub has a lot of the standard social networking features…like threaded messages, links in to photo streams, user profiles. It also has a number of features that are focused on Second Life. Users can list their SL businesses and create groups. Events in SL can be posted to the calendar. There are also in-world delivery servers and group subscribers. I like that with 2nd Hub groups, you can read your messages when not in SL by going to the 2nd Hub web site.

There’s already thousands of users and hundreds of businesses on 2nd Hub (and many of my favorite businesses are already on there). You should be there, too!


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